Royal Outlaw Trilogy

Mariel was born royal, but has spent most of her life as an outlaw, working for the Resistance—an underground organization attempting to overthrow Natric’s corrupt monarchs. When the royal grandparents who left her for dead long ago offer her the future crown, she declines, but when they threaten the life of her commoner father she is left with an impossible choice: become something she hates or watch her father die. As Mariel fights against the new responsibilities and expectations that confine her, forgotten memories of her mother’s murder threaten her sanity and a creature who hunted her as a child returns to finish off his prey. Mariel quickly discovers that she may be a master sword-fighter, but not all enemies can be defeated with a mere blade . . .

Mariel has reluctantly resigned herself to being crown princess of Natric—for the time being. Now living in the royal court, she wars with her desire to rebel and hatred of her new existence with the growing awareness of the positive changes she may be able to make in the kingdom. Shortly after her arrival at court, Mariel receives a divine warning of a coming calamity that supposedly only she can stop. Believing that the task is left to her alone, Mariel tries to prevent the coming storm, but discovering what the danger is, let alone how to stop it, proves more difficult than she anticipates. As the mysterious calamity threatens and the war with Drema escalates, Mariel begins to learn that she can’t do everything alone, but by the time she learns the lesson, will it be too late?

The Assassin strikes again and death follows in his wake. Mariel barely escapes with her life, but is left to rule a kingdom on the brink of destruction. As war breaks out in the divine realm, Mariel struggles to hold together her kingdom in the mortal world. Natric is reeling from the after effects of illness and famine. The neighboring kingdoms, tired of fearing they will be the next victim of Natric’s insatiable hunger for war and land, take advantage of the once powerful kingdom’s weakened state. While war threatens on all sides, internal rebellions begin to manifest, and pressure mounts for Mariel to choose a husband and produce an heir in order to help stabilize Natric. Yet while Mariel has finally surrendered to love, he is an unsuitable match for a queen. How much is Mariel willing to sacrifice to save the people of her kingdom?