Hello World!

I know at this juncture in my Blog, I will be simply talking to myself, but I have to start somewhere, right? I know my Royal Outlaw Trilogy has been published for nearly two years and I am just now starting serious marketing . . . Bad me! Bear in mind that social media is not my forte as I have mentioned . . . a lot  . . . on my Facebook page, but I’m determined. If I want to share my books with the world, then I need to let the world know they exist!

Goal #1: Create new website √
Goal #2: Redesign my Facebook Page √
Goal #3: Create Pinterest Page for my writing √
Goal #4: Join Twitter . . . I have joined, but haven’t learned how to send a tweet myself yet, so I can’t quite check this off.

I have my “Readability” checker for the website yelling at me for using more than 20 words in a sentence for this first blog post . . . apparently it doesn’t understand style.

I’m going to keep this first post short because I need to go eat breakfast and get to work, but I in the future I will provide more background information for the writing of Royal Outlaw, updates on my new writing material, and information about myself (if that so interests you), among other things. 

If you have suggestions or comments, please send them my way and my books are all FREE this weekend on Amazon, so enjoy!